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Lasting Partnerships

At NFBC we work in partnership with some of the world’s largest companies, medium-sized enterprises and independent operators.

We are constantly developing new products and processes on behalf of our customers. Our management team has many years of experience in the food and drink industry.

Contract Filling

The Natural Fruit and Beverage Company work hand in hand with a number of internationally renowned organisations developing new products and brands and delivering finished products for their chosen markets. We have expertise in sourcing ingredients and packaging and can offer bespoke product solutions to our customers, tailored exactly to their market needs.

Sourcing ingredients

Bespoke products

Sourcing packaging

Finished products

Natural Fruit and Beverage Juice Boxes

Process capability

Our advanced production facilities allow us to process everything from juice to much thicker blended products.

We offer two production processes –

Hot fill pasteurisation

Retort – offering higher temperature processing for products not suitable for pasteurisation.


We have three, high speed pouch production lines.

Automatic Packing

At NFBC we have invested in state of the art automatic packing equipment allowing product to be packed into a variety of case formats.

Packaging Solutions

Pouch Formats:

Doypack (70g/ml – 200g/ml)
Cheerpack (70g/ml – 200g/ml)

Infant Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Senior Nutrition