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Welcome to home of The Natural Fruit and Beverage Company.

We are the UK’s leading contract manufacturing producer of high-quality food products in resealable pouches.

We specialise in the production of products for four key market areas – Infant Nutrition, Sports Nutrition, Senior Nutrition and Clinical Nutrition.

Our expertise

Our expertise lies in the contract manufacture of smoothies, baby food, fruit yoghurt, purees, juices, sauces and FSMPs (Foods for Special Medical Purposes). This means that our products are often functional, and always taste great!

Our global reach enables consumers to appreciate the care and quality that we put into our products from China to the USA, and anywhere in between.

We work with a wide range of partners from SMEs to some of the largest retail, medical and sports nutrition companies in the world.

Additionally, we offer a variety of services including product development, ingredient sourcing, process advice and pack design.

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The Senior Leadership Team


Iain Martin

Founder and Managing Director

Gareth Elliott

Director of Business Development


Jamie Walker

Manufacturing Manager

Claire Allen

Technical Manager


Maureen Turner

HR Manager

Infant Nutrition

Sports Nutrition

Clinical Nutrition

Senior Nutrition